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Our Company

GWFA provides our clients in Washington State with a variety of consulting services. These include general public outreach, as well as targeted outreach and services to multi-ethnic/multi-cultural communities.

Our Clients

Our clients include public and private sector consulting and construction contracting firms, small for-profit businesses (primarily immigrant-owned), a real estate development company and property owners. Projects have included public and private sector initiatives.


We help developers in determining the highest and best use of property and securing the necessary plans, design, and permits for development and construction.

Munincipal Infrastructure

We help government agencies find the right planners, developers and construction company to successfully complete a project.

Construction Companies

We help construction contracting firms develop strategic plans and communication to win munincipal contracts.
GW Frost & Associates (GWFA) is a professional services firm offering consultant support for inclusive public outreach and stakeholder engagement, and WMBE/DBE/SBE outreach and diversity inclusion planning and implementation. We also offer consultant support for real estate acquisition and property development, and small business management assistance (especially marketing and communications for immigrant-owned businesses). In addition, GWFA offers website design, development and hosting through partnership with a freelance consultant.

We help our clients connect and communicate with diverse audiences for the sake of giving information, getting input, and/or getting acceptance of their plans, projects, programs, and/or business offerings.


George W. Frost

Principle Consultant

Christina Isaac

Associate Consultant

Nancy Chang

Associate Consultant

Tony Sam

Associate Consultant

Selena Carsiotis

Associate Consultant

Phyllis Porter

Associate Consultant

GW Frost and Associates is organized as a sole proprietorship with independent contractors banded together to maximize their talents and abilities to serve clients.


"I trust George. Lots of Chinese people trust George. He has helped my business in so many ways. I have more customers because my workers and I understand and practice better customer relations. We understand and speak better English now."

-Yakun Shen, Owner, Happy Foot USA

“Thanks, George for all of your hard work and follow up.”

– Tracy Martin, FOG Program Manager, Seattle Public Utilities

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GWFA is dedicated to helping make urban (and rural) communities better places to live by creating and/or implementing strategic communication that connects the right people, government agencies, stakeholders, businesses, and/or organizations to plan, design, build and/or coordinate community improvement projects, programs and services. We call this community development. We care, we communicate, we connect – all for the sake of community betterment.