About Us

Our Expertise

GWFA has a special expertise in developing and implementing outreach to minority-owned businesses, communities of color, immigrant, and refugee communities, and limited English-speaking communities – for the purpose of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in business contracting opportunities, and in public engagement campaigns. We also specialize in applying an equity and social justice lens to planning and implementing public policies, plans, programs, and projects.

Our History & Experience

Since its founding ten years ago, GWFA has provided public outreach and communications support for planning, design, construction, and post-construction of public transportation infrastructure projects. The firm has also provided strategic advice and outreach assistance for increasing diversity, and inclusion of small, minority, and women-owned businesses in government-funded projects. We have conducted equity impact reviews of a government rates and fees study, and a public facility improvements project. GWFA has advised and assisted with planning, evaluating, and securing design documents and permits for small scale real property development. And we have advised and assisted with business development, community relations, and government relations for small businesses, mostly immigrant owned.

Our Clients/Partners

Our clients include small privately-owned businesses, large corporations, property owners, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. They are in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, consulting, personal services, real estate development, government services, and community services.

Our Team & Key Individuals

George Frost

the founder, owner, and principal consultant of GWFA

He has masters’ degrees in urban planning, and pastoral theology, and 50 years of experience working with diverse communities and stakeholders to plan, implement, and communicate solutions to community development problems and needs. George has extensive experience in communicating complex and sometimes controversial land use, transportation, environmental, real estate, faith, race, equity, and social justice issues to diverse audiences.

He is a former senior pastor, transportation planner, real estate agent, planning consultant, and City of Seattle city planner, capital improvements project manager, and project communications lead. As a consultant, and in government agency staff positions, he has advised public agency staff on communications strategies and shared his expertise on best practices – especially in reaching historically under-represented communities. George serves as the project manager or senior project manager on all company consulting accounts.

Savannah Orr

40 years of experience as a professional educator, writer/researcher, marketing specialist, strategic planner, lobbyist, mega event manager and planner

A recent addition to GWFA, has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication, and graduate studies in journalism and film making. She brings extensive experience in a wide spectrum of areas including strategic planning, marketing communications, business development and international marketing, event management and mega-event organizing, product and brand-building campaigns, public affairs, and community relations, media relations, and government relations. Savannah has over 40 years of experience as a professional educator, writer/researcher, marketing specialist, strategic planner, lobbyist, mega event manager and planner, and corporate affairs and communications specialist. She is conversational in Mandarin and Cantonese. She is also a translator, and writer of the Chinese language.

Selena Carciotis

a creative and organized professional with strong communication skills and high-profile event planning expertise,

She has a bachelor’s degree in international relations and legal studies, with eight years of experience working to develop and implement communications and outreach plans within the Seattle area, for public agencies, nonprofit and corporate environments. Like Phyllis, as a community advocate, she has had success in initiating proposals, building community support, and advocating and securing funds for neighborhood capital improvement projects.

Nancy Chang

She has specialized in public relations, outreach, and marketing strategies aimed at connecting community groups and youth networks.

She has a master’s degree in public administration, a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, and over twenty years of experience working in the public and non-profit sectors strategizing, designing, and implementing community programs and events. She has specialized in public relations, outreach, and marketing strategies aimed at connecting community groups and youth networks. She is experienced in reaching out to communities that are not traditionally engaged due to language, cultural, race, class, gender, or social economic barriers. Nancy is also knowledgeable in both direct personal and online outreach using a wide spectrum of social media tools and practices to expand brand, reach, and engage with communities.

Nari Fateha Weaver

has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and over 17 years of experience in graphic designer roles.

She has provided graphic support for public outreach materials, and for a government agency’s annual report on minority and women-owned business inclusion. Nari is skilled in producing customized visual prints and websites, the design and production of logos and other marketing materials. She has strong ties to the Latinx community.

Harry Smith

is a former senior pastor and recently served as a community outreach consultant/coordinator for two years in Jacksonville, Florida.

He has over ten years of customer service and community relations experience. In his recent role as a community outreach consultant, he coordinated community relations to assist with jump starting a 60-million-dollar investment project of newly built medical centers in the City of Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Smith has a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry, and extensive customer service training.